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SHAHEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL UTHAL emphasize parents to cooperate with school because on many reasons; one of which is that the teachers alone cannot provide all the education required for a child; parents also play very important role in this respect. On average a student hardly spend less than 5 hours with their teachers while the rest hours of the day they spend with their parents. This shows that parent’s cooperation with teachers and school by regularly attending Parent-Teacher meeting and visits to school will help a lot in the following ways:

Best Parents’ Award

SHAHEEN PUBLIC SCHOOL UTHAL have also done its best in encouraging such parents by announcing “Best Parents Awards” for those parents who has put their efforts in coordination with SPSU by preparing the kids to send them to school in time, to help the kids complete their homework, send their kids in a proper and neat and clean uniform, support their kids in each and every aspect of getting good studies. The awards are given in a well-organized function where Key Persons from Education or other departments are invited as Chief Guests.

Parents-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Regular P.T.M. is conducted to bridge the gap between those who give birth to their child and those who make them successful in their practical life to come. The P.T.M. are held: