Interactive Classes​

Our interactive classes are a great way to learn and engage with different subjects. They provide hands-on experiences and opportunities to collaborate with others. I'm excited to join you in these classes!


Our laboratory is a place where student researches to conduct experiments and make exciting discoveries. It's a hub of innovation and knowledge!


Our library is a treasure trove of knowledge and stories just waiting to be explored. It's a place where we can dive into the world of books. Let's plan a trip to the library soon!

Transport Facilities

Transport facility is provided to every student to ensure the safety and convenience to the students and partners.

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Shaheen Public School

Behind the great foundation of Shaheen group of Schools is the only name – the name of late Mohammad Ali Hafiz (Blessed be his memories). Hafiz Sahib saw the light of the day on 15th of August, 1937. Right from his teenage, he began to develop philanthropic nature. He was moved by watching the Educational backwardness of the inhabitants of down town or the interior of the city. As he grew older, his great desire was to find an everlasting remedy to this grave problem of backwardness. He began to ponder over it.

Director’s Message


Welcome to Shaheen Public School, this institution aims at providing skill development, upliftment of academic side as well as sports activities. Moreover the innate tendencies, capabilities are developed here to encourage the students to prepare them the best intellectuals and well desired citizens and the school wishes to get the students shine and fly like “Shaheen”.

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The Journey Of Knowledge Begins


Where The Journey Of Knowledge Begins

Moral Education

Where The Journey Of Knowledge Begins


Where The Journey Of Knowledge Begins


Main Ganderpora Eidgah, & Gasiyar, Hawal, Srinagar

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Dec, 2023
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25th December Annual Day

Srinagar, Kashmir

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